Out of Home Advertising

11th September 2020

Steered by rapid technological advancements, out-of-home (OOH) advertisements are growing increasingly elaborate — 3D holograms, touch screen billboards and facial recognition software are just some examples of the exciting new 'smart outdoor advertisements' available today. Such technologies and their engaging qualities are positioning OOH campaigns as an increasingly attractive medium for brands.

Although online banners and push notifications are the modern forms of advertisements today, sometimes, nothing beats the impact of seeing a traditional campaign.

Unlike its digital counterpart, OOH ads can't be skipped, fast-forwarded, or swiped away. It's a concept that resonated with Pipt — a no-nonsense social platform that cuts through the noise and presents users with content that truly matters.

As lockdown measures began to ease and the hustle and bustle of busy capitals returned, Pipt introduced itself to millions of commuters on the London tube and double-decker buses across major English cities — London, Edinburgh, Leeds, Bournemouth, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, and Reading.

Did you see Pipt?