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2019 Fortnite World Cup Details Announced

  • By James McBride

What Fifa World Cup? Epic games have announced and released details for the Fornite World Cup Tournament in 2019.

Epic games revealed the information via it's live celebrity streamer ProAM tournament in LA during the E3 competitions. As previously announced, the prize pool will be a whopping $100 million, which will be spread over a number of "Organized events and major competitions all over the world", making it one of eSports most profitable games ever!

This prize pool is open to anyone who plays the game "Anyone can participate, anyone can win". However, qualifications for the World Cup will be based on merit, so you will need to bring your A-game. The World Cup play will mainly focus on solos and duos, although, squad competition opportunities will also be available.

Qualifiers will being in the fall of this year, ready for the World Cup in 2019.

Are you ready?

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