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Build Your Own Dad Fit: Your Guide to 2018's Biggest Trend

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The world of fashion is well known for its cyclical nature. Fads come and go, with some sticking it out to become full on trends, and others holding on long enough to have a long lasting impact on the way people dress.

One fad that can comfortably claim to have hit the second stage of that process is dad fashion. Having slowly gathered momentum throughout the previous two years, this combination of chunky trainers, straight leg jeans, and all else functional has hit centre stage in the fashion world, infiltrating both runways and high street stores.

The beauty of this widespread coverage is that this is a trend accessible to all. Here we look at how you can transform yourself into a 45 year old man within a variety of budgetary constraints.


One of the most prominent features of the trend has been the rise of six-panels and classic baseball caps. Traditionally seen on a man aggressively clapping on the sidelines of a kid’s football match, these caps have risen exponentially as the dad trend has kicked in.

Value-Tier: Champion Bio-Washed Cap, £7.13, Amazon

Mid-Tier: Blond Cap, £35, Tres Bien

High-Tier: Balenciaga 2017 Cap, £265, Balenciaga


Vacation Shirts

A dad wardrobe staple. It may only come out once a year, but given it’ll be there for the next few decades, he’ll still get his money’s worth. Plenty of brands have latched onto this floral vibe, with vintage stores also always being a safe bet for some rogue shirt-ery.

Value-Tier: Urban Renewal Vintage Originals Dragon Shirt, £32, Urban Outfitters

Mid-Tier: J. Crew Camp-Collar Printed Slub Cotton Shirt, £65, Mr Porter

High-Tier: Prada Camp-Collar Printed Woven Shirt, £640, Mr Porter



It’s an absolute crime that this wardrobe staple somehow became monopolised by geography teachers and their affiliates. Ideal as a layer in winter, or as a light jacket in spring, the reclaiming of this cosiest of jawns has been a huge positive externality of 2018’s dad-fest.

Value-Tier: Long-Sleeve Full-Zip Fleece Jacket, £19.90, Uniqlo

Mid-Tier: Patagonia Better Sweater Jacket, £89, End Clothing

High-Tier: Funnel Blouson, £245, Our Legacy



The first half of the 2010’s saw countless men collapsing in the street due to a lack of blood in their legs, caused by their undying commitment to wearing the skinniest jeans possible. Whilst some spice boys hold onto this lifestyle, the dad trend has seen the welcome return of more functional, straight-legged trousers – often in the form of stonewashed denim.

Value-Tier: Light Blue Dad Jeans, £55, Urban Outfitters

Mid-Tier: Second Cut Youth Wash, £220, Our Legacy

High-Tier: Gucci Cropped Slim-Fit Embroidered Cotton-Chambray Trousers, £615, Mr Porter



Arguably the most infamous aspect of this entire trend, chunky trainers have come crashing back onto the scene after years of obsessing over pointy and slim lined toe boxes. The trend has even gone so far as to see literal trail running shoes being adorned at fashion weeks globally.

Value-Tier: New Balance 990, £175, Size?

Credit: Thomas Lindie

Mid-Tier: Oversized Sneaker, £360, Alexander McQueen

Credit: Vincent Duchapeau

High-Tier: Gucci Rhyton Leather, £585, Farfetch

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