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Man Pretends to be the Supreme 'President', Signing Million Dollar Deals

  • By Arshia Fatholah

Supreme is currently one of, if not, the hottest brand on the planet. The brand has grown exponentially in the past few years, with their designer James Jebbia recently picking up the best men’s designer award at the CFDA’s. The brand just goes from strength to strength.

When you create a brand as strong as Supreme, you have to expect imitation. However, I don’t think anyone quite expected it in this form....

According to reports, a man has travelled all the way to China, claiming that he is the 'President' of Supreme, taking meetings on behalf of the brand. There is no denying that China is in love with the streetwear brand, and currently, there are no physical Supreme stores in the country, so enthusiasts have to deal with the extortionate resell prices. The reports go on to say that the 'President' has made millions after signing a series of collaborations with other Chinese based brands.

A video surfaced online, which shows the so called 'President' at an elaborate unveiling where he is dressed in a tuxedo, signing over collaborations on Supreme’s behalf. The event appears to be a big press unveiling, as the venue is decorated in the signature Supreme logo and red tone.

Check out the video of the impersonator at the signing event and stay tuned as more details should come be released in the following days.

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