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Top 10 Migos Songs

  • By James McBride

There is no denying that Migos are still at the top of the rap game. Although Quavo, Offset and Takeoff have all been doing their own collaborations and projects, their recent win for best rap group at the BET awards all but confirms the group are still strong. 

I have compiled a list of Migos top songs throughout the years which doesn't include any features, but does include songs when the Migos are representing quality control. This was an incredibly difficult task as there were so many others from both Culture and Culture II that could have made the list.

If you dont agree, thats fine, you know which way to go...

10. Migos - Bad and Boujee

"Rain drop, drop top."

The most famous Migos lyric of all time? Bad and Boujee is, without doubt, the Migos' most successful single. Released as the lead single from Culture, the trio recruited Lil Uzi Vert to feature on the track, which has since lead to Takeoff's infamous "I ain't left off bad n boujee" incident. With production from Metro Boomin, the song is the Migos' only number one to date and is their highest selling record, selling almost 5,000,000 units worldwide. This song catapulted the rap group to the top of Hip hop where they have remained ever since.

Best Migos: Offset

Stand Out Lyrics: "Rain drop, drop top (drop top) / Smokin' on cookie in the hotbox (cookie)"

9. Migos – Slippery

The third single released from the album Culture, and this time the trio recruited Gucci Mane for the feature. This is a song that I initially thought was very average until several weeks down the line. By that point, it had grown on me massively and to this day is, in my opinion, one of Migos top songs. The video's pool party reminds me of old videos from Dr. Dre and Eazy-E's pool parties back in the 90's, but obviously a much updated version. Offset provides one of his best verses to date and Takeoff finishes off the song perfectly.

Best Migos: Offset

Stand Out Lyrics: "Perky and molly, don't vote for nobody/ these bitch ass ni**as ain't solid (solid)/ Run in your house and with pumps and the shotties/ Your mom might be up inside tit (bah)/ Cars robotic, bad bitch with a body/ but really don't care nothing about it"

8. Migos - Versace

The birth of the Migos. This is undoubtedly one of Migos top songs as it is the song that made them famous. The group debuted the single back in 2013 as part of their mixtape Y.R.N (Young Rich Niggas), which went viral after Drake released his remix. The video features Quavo, Takeoff and producer Zaytoven at a luxury mansion with everything, you guessed it, Versace. Offset was left off the Versace video as he was in prison at the time and had heard about Versace's success whilst behind bars. It's safe to say that once the group were back together following his release, they hit new heights in the rap game, but it all started here.

Best Migos: Quavo

Stand Out Lyrics: "Versace, Versace, Medusa head on me like I'm 'Luminati/ I know that you like it, Versace, my neck and my wrist is so sloppy".

7. Quality Control -  Thick And Pretty

Migos perform under the name of their record label Quality Control from the album "Quality control: Control the Streets". Probably one of the lesser known tracks on this Migos top songs list, for whatever reason, the adlibs make such a difference to this song, and add to it massively. The instrumental is actually fairly basic, but each member of the Migos group complement each other perfectly, each bringing a slightly different style.

Best Migos: Offset

Stand Out Lyrics: "Benjamin kin to me (Benjamin kin to me)/ Lamborghini injure me (skrr skrr skrr)/ Hit her on the Bentley seat (smash, smash)/ I gave her every inch of me"

6. Quality Control Bosses Don't Speak

One of the stand out tracks from the album "Quality control: Control the streets". An incredible instrumental with a powerful drop and an opening verse so good that even Uber drivers know all the words:

When the uber drivers lit 😩😩😩 #pipt

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An incredibly underrated track in the grand scheme of things, I would love to see a video release for this, although it is very unlikely now given that the song was released almost 7 months ago.

Best Migos: Offset

Stand Out Lyrics: "Hop in the frog and leap (leap)/ Patek Philippe"

5. Migos -  Stir Fry

Released as the second single from Culture II, I actually disliked the song when I first heard it and thought it was very boring for a Migos song. It was only once the album released that it started to grow on me and I began to like the funky Pharrell produced instrumental. The video is great and shows the groups sense of humour, especially in the outtakes. I now consider it 5th in Migos top songs.

Best Migos: Quavo

Stand Out Lyrics: "Control the bag now (control it)/ No need to brag now (no need) Ayy, put the mask down (mask)/ We livin fast now (fast)"

4. Migos - Motorsport

Migos recruit Nicki Minaj and Cardi B for this song and they do not disappoint. The first single released from Culture II For me, Quavo's verse and his melodic tune behind Offset's verse and Cardi B's verse is one of the highlights of the track. Takeoff also has an incredibly memorable verse which Nicki didn't fully hear until after it was released, the lyrics of which she was shocked to hear "If Nicki would show me her titty right hand on the bible, I swear I won't tell. If I get to play with that kitty I wonder how many platinums we gon' sell".

Motorsport is one of Migos most successful songs and is close to the one million mark after less than a year.

Best Migos: Quavo & Takeoff.

Stand Out Lyrics: "Xans, Perky, check (yeah), Bill Belichick/ Take the air out the ball (yeah), just so I can flex"

3. Migos - Get Right Witcha

At first listen, this song didn't massively appeal to me and other songs on culture stood a lot more. However, the more times I heard it the better it got until it was on my favourite tracks on the album - the true sign of a good song. The video is quite subdued for Migos high standards, however, Takeoff's verse on this makes any other negative irrelevant..

Best Migos: Takeoff

Stand Out Lyrics: "Hold up (hold up), get right wicha (ima get right witcha)"

2. Migos - T-Shirt

One of the first singles I heard from Culture, I was an instant fan. Takeoff provides the stand out verse/ hook on the track and introduces us to a style that I had not heard before. The video is equally impressive - Snowmobiles, furcoats and beautiful women in a setting that looks straight from a 1900 snowy america, the video would not look out of place as an extra scene in the Oscar winning "The Revenant" Migos videos are normally very impressive, but this one takes top spot on that front.

Best Migos: Takeoff.

Stand Out Lyrics: "Mama told me, not to sell work/ Seventeen five, same color T- Shirt"

1. Migos - Deadz

"Deadz", in my opinion, is the best Migos song to date. The heavy orchestral instrumental combined with a catchy, unforgettable hook, and two of the best Migos verses of all time from Takeoff and Offset, makes it one of Migos top songs. "Deadz" is a reference to the dead presidents which appear on American bills, which is apparent in the video as Quavo, Offset and Takeoff throw stacks around the president's coffins. The video complements the song perfectly and is my second favourite behind T-shirt. I had this song on repeat when it first came out and I still do to this day. I can’t see that changing anytime soon...

Best Migos: All three.

Stand Out Lyrics: "Uh, ooh, fresh out the bed/Uh, ooh, count up the Deadz". A line that will be forever engrained in my mind.

END. Clothing