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Rolex Daytona Price list

  • By Arshia Fatholah

The retail price of Rolex Daytona’s in some cases is quite difficult to find and not everyone has got the time to pop into their local authorised dealer, to be looked at down the nose of a snotty shop assistant to simply ask about the price. Here is a curated Rolex Daytona price list containing every variant available in 2018.

Stainless Steel

The Rolex Daytona Stainless Steel without doubt is the most sought after Daytona, if not, the most sought after watch ever made by the swiss watchmakers. They are extremely difficult to get and have almost a decade long waiting list. Rolex updated the stainless steel variant of its famous chronograph watch in 2016, with it receiving a new dials and ceramic bezel. If you have the patience to sit on the waiting list for this watch, it will turn out to be a very good investment... Unless, god forbid, something drastic happens like a general release.

The Rolex Daytona 116500ln currently comes in either black or white, both with a retail price of £9,100, however, due to demand and lack of supply, they are currently trading on the grey market for around £15,000. (fuck)

Two Tone

The Rolex Daytona is available in an array of Two Tone variants. Whilst Two Tone watches are not everyones cup of tea, Rolex really does try to cater for everyone, providing many different dial colours and finishes. The Oyster steel and yellow gold Rolex Daytona are priced individually as some have more extravagant dials than others.

The cheapest Rolex Daytona 116503 is one which comes with either the standard black, champagne or white coloured dials will run you £12,400.

Whilst the Daytona 116503 boasts a higher spec with diamond hour markers costing an extra £1,450 bringing the total to £13,850

The most expensive two tone Daytona is the 116503 with a mother of pearl dial combined with Diamonds, you can choose between either a dark or light coloured mother of pearl dial setting you back a hefty £15,850.

Yellow gold Oysterflex

The Rolex Daytona Oysterflex was unveiled during the 2017 Baselworld, receiving mixed opinions. It was the first time the world got to see a Daytona with a rubber Oysterflex bracelet and only the second model to ever receive be blessed with the sporty bracelet. As it stands, the Rolex Daytona 116515ln is only available in precious metals such as yellow gold, white gold and rose gold, meaning you need to be willing to part with atleast 20k to get your hands on one. 

The yellow gold Rolex Daytona Oysterflex with the basic champagne, black or white colured dial retails for £20,200.

The yellow gold Daytona 116516ln is also avaialble with diamond hour markers featuring either the black or champagne coloured dial and this will set you back £21,650.

Credit: Rolex

The most expensive yellow gold Daytona Oysterflex being the one with the light coloured mother of pearl dial and hour markers will cost £23,650.

Rose Gold Oysterflex

The everose gold Daytona 116516ln is a little bit more expensive than the yellow gold. Rolex refer their rose gold line as ‘Everose’, a patented alloy that gives them a completely exclusive, unique and unrivaled shade of 'pink gold'. 

The base price for the Everose Oysterflex Daytona is £21,050 and is available in an array of dials from black to chocolate to rose and white.

Credit: Rolex

There is only one dial available with Diamond hour markers on the rose gold Daytona Oysterflex and unlike most other hour markers, these happen to be baguette cut diamonds. However, un shockingly this dial carries a premium setting you back a cool £25,650. 

White Gold Oysterflex

Credit: Rolex

When it comes to the white gold Oysterflex Daytona it is only available with three dial options, the base model is available with the standard silver coloured dial for £21,050.

Credit: Rolex

However, if you are after a black dial for your white gold daytona oyster flex, you will have to settle for diamond hour markers which will set you you back £22,500.

Credit: Rolex

The most expensive white gold daytona oysterflex is £24,500 and comes with the 'white' mother of pearl dial and diamond hour markers.

Yellow Gold 

The Rolex Daytona also comes in solid 18 ct yellow gold in an array of dial finishes. The Rolex Daytona 116508 is a very popular variant of the daytona line with Rolex always providing new fresh dial colours.

The Rolex Daytona 116508 has a base price of £25,550 for this you can get either black, green, champagne or white coloured dials. 

The yellow gold daytona is also available with Diamond hour markers on their black or champagne coloured dials, running up the bill to £27,000.

Once again like most of the Daytona's, the most expensive option is the one with diamonds and mother of pearl dial - £29,000.

Rose Gold

The full Everose Rolex Daytona is just an incredible watch.

The everose Daytona's start at a whopping £27,450 with the option of four dial colours; black, chocolate, rose gold or ivory.

Credit: Rolex

The Rose Gold Daytona isn't available with the mother of pearl dial or the diamond hour markers, unfortunately. Instead, the top of the range dial plays host to baguette cut diamond hour markers and carries a list price of £32,050.

White Gold

The White Gold Daytona is not one that you see often. This itteration is so expensive yet looks similar to the obviously much chepaer stainless steel model. Not many average watch buyers can justify the retail price, which is almost double that of the steel, making this variation a target for the time piece connoisseur or the low key flexers. 

The cheapest White gold Rolex Daytona 116509 starts from £27,450, for that you can either go for a silver or blue dial.

Credit: Rolex

Unfortunately if you want a black dial on your white gold Daytona you will also have to pay the premium attached with the diamond hour markers adding another £1,450, boosting the RRP to £28,900.

The white gold Rolex Daytona is also available with two different shades of mother of pearl dials and diamond hour markers retailing at £30,900.


Now, the show stopper. The platinum Rolex Daytona was released by Rolex back in 2013 to mark the models 50th anniversary. The Platinum Daytona is made from solid 950 platinum, 950 standing for 95% pure platinum. This alloy created by Rolex contains the element ruthenium making the mental more resent to dents and wear and tear. The platinum Rolex Daytona is the most expensive in the Daytona line, this is understandable when you consider that if you were to gather all of the platinum ever mined, it would only just fill a box measuring 7.6 meters cubed.

The Rolex Daytona 116506 is a true masterpiece. Flying under the radar, most will think it's stainless steel, but those in the know, will know exactly what an ice blue dial Daytona means. (Rackaroons)

Credit: Rolex

The platinum Rolex Daytona 116506 was the first to receive the ceramic bezel treatment, plus the raw cost of Platinum... this timepiece retails at £55,000.

Credit: Rolex

The Rolex Daytona 116506 is also available with baguette cut diamond hour markers, these 11 stones will cost you a wild £364 each, giving this kettle a list price of £59,000.

Credit: Rolex

The Rolex Daytona 116576, now this is a watch which is not for the feint hearted. This platinum rolex daytona is flooded with diamonds there are specifically 36 baguette cut diamonds around the bezel and a further 437 round cut diamonds on the dial, which is why this piece boasts such an insane retail price of £113,950.

In many cases you will be able to pick these watches up on the 'grey market' for a substantial amount less then their respective retail prices, ofcourse not the Rolex Daytona stainless steel though. Happy Shopping!

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