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Louis Vuitton's Titanium World Cup Trophy Trunk

  • By A Fatholah

Tomorrow unfortunatley marks the end of the 2018 World Cup, unfortunate unless of course, you are a France or Croatia supporter. Tomorrow being Croatia's first ever World Cup final. 

However, the big pressure falls on the head of Les Bleus, only ever winning one World Cup trophy back in 1998, this star studded French team is a huge favourite. More pressure is added due to France's native luxury giant, Louis Vuitton unveiling a video showcasing the titanium trunk used to carry the 2018 Fifa World Cup Trophy. Everything seems to be adding up nicely for the French including the fact they have only ever played Croatia once in a World Cup, back in 1998 and we all know what happened then. Lucky omen maybe? The pressure is on. 

The trunk first made an appearance just before the opening game of the tournament, but has been kept under wraps since. Before the kick-off of the final, Philipp Lahm and Natalia Vodianova will showcase the prize of soccer immortality, the World Cup trophy in its all new LV outfit. 

This is the third consecutive time Louis Vuitton have created a WC trophy trunk, however, 2018 marks the first titanium trunk leaving previous canvas and vachette operations a thing of the past.

Louis Vuitton's 2014 Trophy Case - Credit: elle.vn

The new trunk fits beautifully with the vibe of Kim Jones final collection for LV, in which he unveiled a series of bags and trunks also made from titanium.

Handmade by specialised craftsmen at the historic Asnières workshop in France, LV are really just bragging about the level of crafstmenship and just how illustrious the brand really is.

The monogram hosted on the titanium outer is done via specialised laser engraving processes, whilst the corners of the trunk are 'protected' with Louis Vuittons signature vachetta leather all accompanied by signature ruthenium; clips, clasps and hinges. 

Credit: Louis Vuitton

The Fifa World Cup trophy weighs approximately 6.16kg and is made from solid 18 carat gold, giving it a whopping scrap value of £130,021.44, leaving me hoping the lock on the trunk fits the same key as my keepall 45. 

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