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Throwback: A Young Jada Pinkett Smith Confronts Eazy E

  • By James McBride

Jada Pinkett Smith is not one to mince her words, and this was clearly also the case 26 years ago. The Hollywood actress shared a video of herself today from 1992 on the LIVE L.A show. This video was taken on the morning of the Rodney King verdict and Pinkett Smith is sat in front of none other than the NWA front man and Hip-Hop Legend Eazy E.

She confronts him on his lyrics towards woman and the messages he portrays which were controversial. Constantly referring to women as "bitches", E often explained that not all women are bitches, just the ones that "suck the life out of you".

Jada goes onto say "I was telling him that before I met him today, I would have thought that he was a woman hater because of his music that he writes." She tells the interviewer "that him owning his own record company (Ruthless) can make a change starting from there within his community to uplift us. When I listen to his music, I want to feel good about myself, I want to feel good about my people... Eric you have the power to do that".

Throughout Jada's whole argument, Eric is visibly smiling as he was probably not use to being called out with so much confidence but politeness.

Eric was then asked by the host "Does this change the way you think. About the music and the way you write?", to which Eazy replies sincerely "Yes... to a certain point.".

Although, he seemed less sincere when asked about the record companies "Really I don't care what they say, to tell the truth"

This is the day I met Eazy! We became the best of friends after this program✨

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Eric is quiet and subdued throughout the interview but claims "I do say nice things about sisters", to which Jada acknowledges "to me, but you don't say it on the record. I can't listen to your music and feel good about myself."

After the show, the pair became the best of friends.

Credit: @jadapsmith

Husband Will Smith, who had also met Eazy on occasions, also uploaded the same video with the caption "This is why I love ðŸ’– you @jadapinkettsmith!! Mother to ALL Children. Eazy is lookin' like, "How do you fit ALL OF THAT into that little frame?"

Will with 4/5's of NWA. Credit: Instagram

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