Chemmy Alcott

I live to feel. To adventure. To experience. To risk, sometimes succeeding and sometimes learning through failure and mistakes. Life for me is worth Iiving hard. I have a need to be busy. Am a perfectionist which is both my strength and my weakness.

Through skiing and 4 Winter Olympic Games I learnt how valuable sport is to teach us who we are and mould us into the most confident version of ourselves. Motherhood, however, is the most challenging role in my life. Am a business owner, coaching and mentoring athletes through CDC Performance (Carpe Diem Coaching).

I also have the best job in the world helping present BBC Ski Sunday. That my previous existence of being a GB ski racer lead to my dream job makes me feel like the luckiest person in the world. My sons, Locki and Cooper make (and sometimes break) me. I live to see their smiles and belly laughs.