Chloë McCardel

Chloë McCardel is one of history’s greatest marathon swimmers.

WR Longest Non-stop Ocean Swim, 124km (77mi) 42hrs

1 of 5 ppl to have swam a triple Non-Stop Crossing of the English Channel- 102km (63mi) 36hrs 

Swam the English Channel, a Record 36 times, setting multiple WRs & receiving dozens of international awards Chloë loves to push the boundaries of the human body, mind & spirit so that she can achieve and support others to achieve extraordinary goals.

She’s coached over 150 people to swim the Channel including a 16 year old school girl. In 2019 she coached the oldest man in history, a farmer at 59 years of age, to swim a non-stop double crossing of the Channel, in 30hrs.

Chloë is also an Executive Coach and users her marathon swimming as a platform for positive social change in the areas of Domestic Violence and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).