Harry Hughes

Javelin thrower for Great Britain

I'm 23 years old, and I'm pursuing an Olympic career. For the last 10 years I've dreamt of competing in the Olympics in the javelin, and now is my chance. I'm currently walking down the path of qualifying for the 2021 Olympic games, after a number of injuries and setbacks including 2 operations on the same elbow. I am the first Briton to throw over 80m in the last 8 years, and during my junior career I competed at both European and World championships, making the finals on both occasions. Alongside my sporting career, I am the co-founder of Dangler - a social marketplace for buying and selling fishing tackle, along with my 2 brothers. Dangler is another dream that I pursue alongside Javelin, after we raised our first round of capital in 2019, it became my full time job. So follow me to keep up with my 2 careers and to see which dreams do in fact become reality!